Honors Program

Marketing and Marketing Management majors who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4 are encouraged to apply for the honors program and pursue a more challenging program of study. The Marketing honors curriculum teaches students to critically assess theoretical explanations of consumer and firm behavior, examine research findings, and conduct advanced marketing research. Honors students have the opportunity to take honors courses, work with faculty members to enrich existing courses, identify independent areas of study, and, in the senior year, participate in an honors leadership seminar or individual research thesis. Students are encouraged to apply to the honors program during their sophomore year; applications from juniors are also considered.

Honors students should review the Requirements and Recommended Course Sequence. For further questions, contact Honors Advisor Nicholas Lurie.

Marketing honors students should follow the Marketing Major plan of study.
Marketing Management honors student should follow the Marketing Management Major plan of study.

To graduate as an Honors Scholar in Marketing:

  • Students entering UConn before Fall 2018 require a minimum of 12 Honors credits with at least 9 Marketing upper-level honors credits and 3 School of Business (including MKTG) upper-level honors credits.
  • Students entering UConn beginning Fall 2018 require a minimum of 15 honors credits including at least 9 Marketing upper-level honors credits, 6 additional School of Business (including MKTG) upper-level honors credits which may include no more than 3 Business General Education or Business Critical honors credits at any level, as well as Marketing Field Engagement.

Coursework and Marketing Field Engagement

Marketing Honors students are strongly encouraged to:

  • Take MKTG 3101 Honors (not available as an Honors conversion).
  • Enroll in School of Business Honors or Honors conversion courses (e.g., FNCE 3101, MENT 3101, BLAW 3175, OPIM 3013, MENT 4900).
  • Convert to honors either MKTG 3208 (Consumer Behavior) or MKTG 4362 (Marketing Planning and Strategy, formerly MKTG 3362). Honors conversion of other Marketing courses is at instructor discretion.

Marketing Honors students are required to:

  • Complete the Honors conversion for MKTG 3260 (Marketing Research).*
  • Complete one of the following honors thesis options:
    • Honors Leadership Seminar (BUSN 4897W): An exploration of leadership from a multi-disciplinary perspective to help students better understand and harness their own leadership style and explore, in depth, the core elements of effective leadership, the traits and behaviors of exemplary leaders and leadership in practical application. Written assignments are bundled to become the student’s honors thesis. Offered Fall and Spring semesters. Enrollment by permission subject to availability.
    • Senior Thesis in Marketing (MKTG 4997W): The Honors student identifies a thesis topic and a full-time marketing faculty member to serve as the advisor. This option requires enrollment in a two-semester course sequence: MKTG 4996 (Independent Honors Research) and MKTG 4997W (Senior Thesis project) typically scheduled in Fall and Spring semesters of the senior year.
  • Participate in professional development activities and provide information about their Marketing Field Engagement to the Marketing Department Honors Advisor.

*Required for students enrolled in MKTG 3260 in Spring 2019 or later. Please check with Marketing Honors Advisor Nicholas Lurie if you have questions.


Course Honors Component
ALL Marketing Honors Students
Junior Year (fall) MKTG 3101 Intro. to Marketing Management Honors section
Junior Year (spring) MKTG 3260 Marketing Research Honors conversion (required)
MKTG 3208 Consumer Behavior Honors conversion
Junior and Senior Year School of Business Core and Capstone Honors Courses: FNCE 3101, MENT 3101, OPIM 3101, MENT 4900 Honors courses
Senior Year (fall/spring) MKTG 4362 Marketing Planning and Strategy (Marketing Majors Only, formerly MKTG 3362) Honors conversion
Marketing Honors Students completing Honors Leadership Seminar
Senior Year (fall or spring) BUSN 4897W Honors Leadership Seminar Honors course
Marketing Honors Students completing Independent Honors Research Thesis
Senior Year (fall) MKTG 4996 Independent Honors Research Honors course
Senior Year (spring) MKTG 4997W Senior Thesis Honors course

UConn Extension Project 1
UConn Extension Project 4

Honors in Action

UConn Extension hosted eight Marketing Honors students for a food and nutrition workshop and a walk in the UConn woods to understand the role UConn Extension plays in forest and water conservation and sustainability. The students are using these insights to develop a marketing and communications campaign for UConn Extension.

UConn Extension Project 3
UConn Extension Project 2
UConn Extension Project 5