An 18-Credit Graduate Certificate Program

The demand for digital marketing specialists is booming when today’s employers increasingly seek innovative digital solutions for their marketing needs. The Marketing Department at University of Connecticut's (UConn) has developed an Advanced Business Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy to prepare marketing professionals for a successful career in the fast-changing area of digital marketing, including digital analytics, big data and strategic marketing, marketing research, customer relationship management, and targeted database marketing.

The certificate consists of six 3-credit courses and should be completed within three years. Courses are offered on a rolling basis during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters across the Hartford and Stamford campuses.

Our courses cover major tools of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, online advertising, and digital social media, and explore innovative digital strategies that apply to branding, segmenting, targeting, positioning, customer satisfaction, and marketing communication. Students learn to develop integrated digital marketing strategies in pursuit of long-term marketing objectives.

Key skills students will develop include:

  • Using web and social media analytics tools to gain customer and market insights;
  • Applying up-to-date methods and techniques to respond to online consumer behavior in real time;
  • Forecasting sales, profiling and targeting customers, and making informed marketing decisions;
  • Utilizing “big” data tools, such as neural networks, market basket analysis, sequence detection, and text mining.

For more information, please contact:

Laine Kingo
Senior Advising & Compliance Specialist
FLEX MBA Program & Graduate Business Certificates
Phone: 860.728.2442

Applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Graduate degree (Ph.D., MD, JD, Master’s) from a fully-accredited university or college
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution AND be a working professional in the areas related to marketing

The Advanced Business Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy consists of six, 3-credit courses. Visit the Graduate Catalog for full course descriptions. Note that not all courses are available every semester or on every campus.

Required Courses (12 credits)
MKTG 5115 Marketing Management*
OPIM 5603 Statistics for Analytics**
MKTG 5665 Digital Marketing
MKTG 5251 Marketing and Digital Analytics
Flexible Marketing Electives (6 credits)
Two additional 5000-level MKTG Electives
* Pre-requisite for all other 5000-level Marketing courses
** Prerequisite for MKTG 5251 and several Flexible Marketing Electives.  Students enrolled prior to the 2018 catalog year may substitute OPIM 5103.


ATTENTION: Students who began the certificate prior to Fall 2019 are encouraged to submit a petition to the Graduate School to pursue the new “Course Requirements beginning Fall 2019 (see above)”, which allows for more flexibility in course selection.  Students who choose not to submit a petition are required to complete the following.

Required Courses (12 credits)
MKTG 5115 Marketing Management*
MKTG 5665 Digital Marketing
MKTG 5251 Marketing and Digital Analytics
MKTG 5640
MKTG 5650
Integrated Marketing Communications in Digital Age
Strategic Brand Management
One ADDITIONAL 5000-level Marketing course (OR) one of the following OPIM electives
OPIM 5604 Predictive Modeling
OPIM 5671 Data Mining and Business Intelligence
OPIM 5502 Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
OPIM 5503 Data Analytics with R
* Pre-requisite for all other 5000-level Marketing courses


To apply for admission to the Advanced Business Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy, complete your  application via the online application system . Applicants are encouraged to review the prerequisites and application instructions before starting your application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by the Admissions Committee to the FLEX MBA Program at the campus to which the applicant is applying (Hartford or Stamford).