Alumni of the Marketing Ph.D. program include:

Justin Sieow, Quinnipiac University, 2024
An Examination of Consumer Responses Toward Gender-Related Marketing Practices

Kristen Ferguson, Notre Dame, 2023
Exploring Novel Linkages Between Social Cognition and Consumer Creativity

Mariya Topchy, Travelers, 2023
Two Essays on How to Extract Insights from Customer-firm Interactions

Jieun Lee, LG Electronics, 2022
Two Essays on User-Generated Content

Qizhou Wang, Numerator, 2021
A Touchy Purchase: The Role of Contagion-Driven Disgust in Consumption of Recycled Products

Lu Huang, New York Institute of Technology, 2020
Essays on the Cross Effects of Marketing Mix

Zahra Tohidinia, Framingham State University, 2018
Interpersonal Consumer Dilemmas: Egocentric and Prosocial Manifestations

Nian Wang, 2018
Product Returns and Bad Debts in Direct Marketing: Implications for the Targeting Dilemma and Return Policies

Bin Li, Wright State University, 2016
Essays on the Interactions of Consumer Behavior and Firm Strategy in Multi-Channel Environments

Selcan Kara, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 2016
Two Essays on the Effect of Alphanumeric Brand Names on Consumers’ Brand Related Decisions

Shan Lin, Lewis University, 2015
When Marketing Strategies Meet Wall Street

Anna Jansson Vredeveld, Berry College, 2015
Consumer-Brand Engagement: Cultural and Moral Manifestation

Sixing Chen, Hunan University, 2015
Quantifying the Antecedents and Consequences of Market-Based Assets – in the Acquisition Context

Shuai Yang, Donghua University, 2014
Two Essays on Matching Strategy in Paid Search Advertising

Jeffrey Carlson, University of Richmond, 2014
Exploring the Importance and Value of Studying Subjective Time in Marketing

Hang Thu Nguyen, Michigan State University, 2013
Three Essays on the Financial Impacts of Branding Strategies and Marketing Assets

Maxim Polonsky, Yale University (Post Doc), 2012
Going Beyond the Information Given: Perceiving Owners’ Personalities from Brands and Perceiving Brands from Owners’ Personalities

Ioannis Kareklas, Washington State University, 2010
A Quantitative Review and Extension of Racial Similarity Effects in Advertising

Anita Luo Pawluk, Georgia State University, 2009
Assessing Return on Marketing Contacts in a B2B Market

Denish Shah, Georgia State University, 2008
An Integrated Framework for Managing Marketing Productivity when Selling Through Intermediary Firms

Andrew Petersen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008
Essays on Product Returns: The Impact of Customer Product Return Behavior on Profitability

Morris K. George, Baylor University, 2008
Essays on Cross-buying in a Non-Contractual Setting: Why, What, When and How Much?

Ying Jiang, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, 2006
The Influence of Task and Information Environment Characteristics on Consumer Search Behavior in an Online Setting

Girish Ramani, Drexel University, 2006
Interaction Orientation: The New Measure of Marketing Capabilities

Adam Rapp, University of Alabama, 2006
New Insights on Marketing and Performance Outcomes: Applying a Team Lens

Camelia Micu, Fairfield University, 2006
Advertising and Product Trial: The Impact of Product Type and Attribute Information on Consumer Evaluations

Ronald Jelinek, Providence College, 2005
Uncovering the Enemy Within: Examining Salesperson Deviance and its Determinants

Tilottama Chowdhury Ghosh, Quinnipiac University, 2005
The Role of the Variety-Seeking Trait in Purchases Made for Others

Piotr Chelminski, Providence College, 2003
The Effects of Culture on Consumer Complaining Behavior