Faculty Expertise & Research

Marketing faculty at UConn’s School of Business are known internationally for their research expertise in digital marketing and analytics, consumer search and decision making, branding, marketing strategy, and cross-cultural consumer behavior. Our work has been published in the top academic marketing journals, including Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and the Journal of Marketing. Insights from our research are brought into the classroom, allowing students to learn the academic evidence for "what works" in marketing.

Weining Bao

Digital Marketing

Emerging Markets

Empirical and Theoretical Industrial Organization

Danielle Brick

Consumer Relationships

Consumer Well-being

Brand Relationships

Robin Coulter

Global Citizenship and Consumer Behavior

Branding in Developed and Emerging Markets

Jane Gu

E-Commerce and Online Retailing

Consumer Social Networks and Social Media

Kelly Herd

Creativity and Product Design

Consumer Emotions

Stefan Hock

Consumer Decision-Making

Marketing Strategy

Christina Kan

Consumer Financial Decision Making

Pricing and Sales Promotions

Nicholas Lurie

Digital Marketing

Consumer Search and Decision Making

Vishal Narayan

Social Media

Marketing in Emerging Markets

Marketing Analytics

Debanjan Mitra

Quality and Innovation

Marketing-Finance Interface

Joseph Pancras

Mobile and Digital Media Marketing

Retail Competitive Strategy

Narasimhan Srinivasann

Cross-cultural Research

International Marketing