Internships for Credit

The Marketing Department offers two for-credit internship programs: Professional Sales and Marketing. These internships are designed to provide students with professional experience in the world of sales or marketing, build valuable professional relationships, and open the door for future employment opportunities.

Professional Sales Internship

MKTG 4882 – Sales (Business Students)
BADM 4882 – Sales (Non-Business Students)

Required for students completing a concentration or minor in Professional Sales with an internship focused on Business-to-Business sales and collaboration as part of a sales team. Pre-approval required.

Marketing Internship

MKTG 4881 – Marketing (Business Students)
BADM 4881 – Marketing (Non-Business Students)

Optional for marketing majors and digital marketing and analytics majors and minors interested in opportunities other than sales including general marketing, product and brand management, marketing research, advertising, digital marketing, analytics, and public relations. Pre-approval required.

Internship Course Offerings

Internship courses are offered during Summer session, Fall semester, and Winter intersession, with field work usually completed in the summer before senior year or the winter before the student’s last semester. Read the Internship Information Packet.pdf for information on internships, course selection, and approvals.

For more information, or if your company is interested in providing Marketing and/or Sales internships, please contact Bill Ryan.