Student Organizations

UConn Marketing Society

The UConn Marketing Society allows students to learn more about marketing. It is open to all majors. Experience firsthand, guest speakers who share their experiences from the marketing world, advising from the UConn marketing department, and events that present opportunities to network with marketing professionals and peers.  It is an excellent way to build your resume, expand your network, and perhaps even gain experience holding a leadership position on their Executive Board.
Meetings:  Wednesdays from 6:30 -7:30 pm
For more information, go to UConntact or UConn Marketing Society Webpage

UConn Professional Sales Society

The UConn Professional Sales Society (PSS) is a student run organization and social club for the Professional Sales Leadership Program and all UConn students interested in Professional Sales. Through PSS, members will learn about possible career paths in Professional Sales, be exposed to industry networking opportunities, and participate in sales competitions.
Meetings:  Monthly
For more information, go to UConntact