Ph.D. – Marketing

The Marketing Ph.D. program at UConn’s School of Business prepares you to be a marketing scholar. Graduates of UConn’s Marketing Ph.D. program can be found at some of the top research institutions in the US and around the world.

A distinguishing aspect of UConn’s Marketing Ph.D. program is that students are expected to get involved in research beginning in the first semester of the program. You will be paired with a faculty advisor who has research interests that complement yours. Current research topics include:

  • Understanding how characteristics of social media affect consumer behavior, attitudes, inferences, and persuasion.
  • Using econometric and social network models to understand peer influence in consumer behavior, network effects, spatial and temporal effects of mobile advertising and loyalty programs, differences in mobile and desktop word-of-mouth, and effects of social networks on consumer-created content.
  • Modeling retail store competition, marketing channel dynamics, and pricing strategies for firms.
  • Mathematically modeling how consumer knowledge affects the optimal design of retail environments, information provision, and pricing strategies.
  • Examining how consumer perceptions of brands are affected by brand names, culture, product recalls, consumer schemas, and brand extension fit.

To assist in developing your research skills, UConn has a growing selection of statistical and survey software, specialized business research databases, UConn’s high performance computer cluster; the opportunity to take courses from UConn’s departments in psychology, economics, statistics, and sociology; and the maintenance of a student subject pool and mobile behavioral lab that permits sophisticated experimental research.

For more information contact Hongju Liu, Marketing Department Ph.D. Coordinator.