Coursework Requirements

Marketing Ph.D. Required and Recommended Coursework
(Updated May 2021)

Students should consult with their academic advisor to choose courses that best meet their research interests.

  • In Years 1 and 2, students are expected to take 10-15 credits courses each semester.
  • In subsequent years, students are encouraged to take courses consistent with their research interests.

Students must complete the following courses (see details/options below):

  • MKTG courses – a minimum of 18 credits,
  • BADM 6201 – Introduction to Research and Teaching (1 credit),
  • A minimum of 12 credits of research methods courses and 12 credits of supporting courses – List of Suggested Courses
  • Doctoral Dissertation Research (GRAD 6950) – a minimum of 15 credits.

Marketing Requirements (a minimum of 18 credits)

Required Marketing Courses Courses below must be taken for a grade

  • MKTG 6209 (Theories, Methods, and Practices of Research in Marketing)
  • MKTG 6202 (Psychological Approaches to Consumer Behavior)
  • MKTG 6212 (Special Topics in Consumer Behavior)
  • MKTG 6203 (Quantitative Models in Marketing)
  • MKTG 6210 (Strategic Applications in Marketing)
  • MKTG 6296 (Special Topics: Research Implementation and Progress toward General Examination)


The Marketing Department has no formal prerequisites. However, the Department strongly recommends that, prior to enrollment, students complete:

  • One year of calculus
  • Introductory probability and statistics
  • A managerial economics or microeconomics course

Qualifying Paper

A qualifying paper is submitted by August 1 in Year 1.

General Examination

A general examination paper is submitted by September 1 in Year 3.