General Examination

Each student is expected to engage in an independent research project during the second summer of their program. The general examination is in the form of a manuscript suitable for submission to a premier or high quality marketing journal in the student’s area of concentration, and a presentation of the research. The student is expected to “drive” this project, under the mentorship of their GE Committee. Prior to forming the GE Committee, the student must have completed:

  • all required MKTG courses,
  • at least 9 credits of research methods, and
  • at least 9 credits of supporting courses.

Objective: The objective of the general examination is for the student to demonstrate the ability to create and communicate a conceptual framework, generate research questions and/or hypotheses of theoretical and managerial interest, and empirically address the research questions and/or hypotheses. The empirical work can include qualitative data, experiments, surveys, secondary data, simulations, or analytical model. This research can be a continuation of the qualifying paper, a seminar paper, or a new research project. The student is solely responsible for the writing of the general examination.

GE Committee: The student must convene a GE Committee by May 15 of their second year in the program; the GE Committee may or may not be the same at the QP Committee. The GE Committee must be chaired by a research active tenured/tenure-track Marketing faculty member who is a member of the UConn graduate faculty. The student (having consulted with the chair) must obtain the participation of two additional graduate faculty (within or outside the department) as members of the committee.

GE Manuscript: The manuscript should conform in length and be written using the style guide for the intended journal outlet (e.g., Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science). The initial GE submission results in one of three decisions:  “approve,” “revise and resubmit,” or “reject.” A second GE submission results in one of two decisions: “approve” or “reject.” Details related to these decisions are provided on the GE Timeline & Deadlines document. As appropriate, the Chair files the “Report on the General Examination for the Doctoral Degree.”

GE Presentation: Acceptance of the GE manuscript by the GE Committee is a prerequisite for scheduling a formal presentation of the General Examination research (30 minute presentation with 15 minutes Q&A). The presentation will be scheduled no later than the first Wednesday of December. Consistent with university policy, a minimum of five faculty members, including the members of the Committee and the Marketing Ph.D. Coordinator must be present; one member of the Committee may be present electronically.

GE Decision: At the completion of the presentation, the GE Committee and external reviewers, be majority vote, determine the outcome (Pass or Fail). The Chair files the signed “Report on the General Examination for the Doctoral Degree.”

GE Timeline and Deadlines: The GE Timeline & Deadlines document provides the GE timeline and deadlines; failure to meet deadlines will jeopardize the student’s status in the program. Any exception to these deadlines will be by majority vote of the departmental Ph.D. Program committee and must be because of truly exceptional circumstances.

Please contact the Marketing Department Ph.D. Program Coordinator with any questions.

 Effective for students enrolling in the Ph.D. program beginning Fall 2017.

Marketing Ph.D. General Examination and Timelines & Deadlines