Expectations of a Marketing Ph.D. Student

Being a successful doctoral student requires initiative, curiosity, creativity, discipline, stamina, perseverance, resilience, and an ability to clearly articulate your ideas both in person and in writing.

To fully engage with our Ph.D. Program, marketing doctoral students are expected to:

  • develop a strong research portfolio (that is not limited to the research in the Qualifying Paper, General Exam, and Dissertation),
  • create a plan of study focused on coursework that will provide the theory and methods to pursue interesting and relevant questions in the marketing domain,
  • engage with mentors within and outside of the UConn Marketing faculty and doctoral students,
  • participate in venues to share your research, including submissions to top journals and presentations within the department and at conferences,
  • broaden your exposure to and understanding of the field of marketing and build your academic network by participating in department and department-related seminars (e.g., VOYA colloquium, faculty and doctoral student applicants, doctoral student presentations, School of Business Research Seminars) and by meeting with visitors, including seminar speakers, job candidates, and doctoral student applicants, and
  • develop a professional, interactive, and engaging teaching style.