Ph.D. Accomplishments

 Jeff Carlson defended his dissertation, “Exploring the Importance and Value of Studying Subjective Time in Marketing Management.”

Wei Chen defended his dissertation proposal, “The Effect of Regulatory Resource Depletion on Consumer Decision Making.”

Ann Jansson Vredeveld defended her dissertation proposal, “Consumer-Brand Engagement: Cultural and Moral Manifestations” and received the following awards: Ph.D. Program Summer Fellowship, AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellowship, ING Global Ph.D. Fellow, University of Connecticut School of Business Dean’s Pre-doctoral Fellowship, and University of Connecticut Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.

Selcan Kara received the Marketing Department Ph.D. Student Teaching Award and Ph.D. Program Summer Fellowship.

 Bin Li, Zahra Tohidinia, and Nian Wang received the Ph.D. Program Summer Fellowship.

Shuai Yang defended her dissertation, “Two Essays on Matching Strategy in Paid Search Advertising” and has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Donghua University (Shanghai) beginning in Fall 2014.