UConn MBA Students Gain Digital Marketing Skills and Promote Personal Websites

Assistant Professor Jane Gu’s Digital Marketing MBA students created their own websites, used search engine optimization, keyword advertising, and social media to drive traffic to their websites, and monitored effectiveness using web analytics. While most students had no web development experience before the class, many eagerly took on the project as an opportunity to build digital presence and to implement digital marketing skills they learned from class. Check out some of the students’ websites below!

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Spaghetti Slurper Spaghetti Slurper: Matthew Eucalitto is an Italian-American student who grew up in a family that owns Italian restaurants and includes numerous Chefs. Matt developed his website to introduce others to some of his favorite Italian restaurants around Hartford. Flying on Fridays: Matthew Rader created this website about recreational flying. The website contains information about how to get a pilot’s license and small planes. Matt also maintains a flying blog. Flying on Fridays
 MegJuicing Meg’s Juice Recipes: Megan Blaschke built the website to provide a quick and to-the-point guide to educate people on the benefits of juicing. You can find recipes that Megan recommends and also her tips for juicing. Hall David Marketing Strategies: Christina Davis created this website for her personal marketing consulting business. Christina also maintains a digital marketing blog.  HallDavisMarketing
 JHobbies J Hobbies: Jason Short built this website about his hobbies. In the Orchid section, Jason provides step-by-step instructions illustrated with pictures on how to grow, care for, and breed orchids. Quality Furniture by Bill: Whitney Ammary redesigned the website of her family business.  The website now sells wooden hand-painted accent tables featuring logos of colleges and universities, including UConn.  QualityFurniturebybill
 StBearDesign St. Bear Design: Adam Gooch designed this website to show his artwork and photography, with the hope that viewers will contact him to do design or photo work or go to his Etsy.com shop to buy a print. The American Outlaws Hartford: Shawn Simao designed an activities hub website for The American Outlaws Hartford Chapter which he co-founded in 2009, providing information on their social club, soccer team, and charitable giving.