Month: September 2014

New Visual Analytics Course Offered in Stamford

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Professor Girish Punj with the assistance of Brian Brady, director of the UConn Stamford Learning Accelerator, offered an MBA level experiential learning course at the UConn Stamford Learning Accelerator in collaboration with the IBM Center for Innovation in Visual Analytics. Students interacted with IBM researchers and executives while working on various semester-length projects where they learned and experienced the latest generation of data visualization methodologies. They gained exposure to the rapidly evolving field of visual analytics and learned how to solve business problems using information visualization tools under the guidance of IBM data visualization experts located at various IBM facilities around the world.

“Visual Analytics provided unparalleled access to researchers at IBM who are developing the latest visualization technologies. The course exposed me to ways of representing large and complex data using interactive visualizations making it possible to gain insights and facilitate decision making. Aside from the knowledge gained in the course, the sense of team accomplishment and the accolades received from IBM made it an invaluable addition to my academics,” said Taylor Witt ’05, vice president, digital applications at IBM and a UConn MBA candidate.

“It was a great learning experience to discuss the latest visualization techniques and state-of-the-art visualization tools with IBM researchers around the world through virtual talks,” said Tugba Onder ’14 MBA.

“This was a very hands-on class that focused on visualizing and analyzing big data—which is everywhere, no matter what industry you’re in. You’ll learn a lot in this class from the experts at IBM and from your classmates. The semester will pass by quickly and you won’t believe how much you have accomplished,” said Jennifer Bui ’13 MBA, analyst, ALM People’s United Bank.

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UConn MBA Students Gain Digital Marketing Skills and Promote Personal Websites

Assistant Professor Jane Gu’s Digital Marketing MBA students created their own websites, used search engine optimization, keyword advertising, and social media to drive traffic to their websites, and monitored effectiveness using web analytics. While most students had no web development experience before the class, many eagerly took on the project as an opportunity to build digital presence and to implement digital marketing skills they learned from class. Check out some of the students’ websites below!

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Spaghetti Slurper Spaghetti Slurper: Matthew Eucalitto is an Italian-American student who grew up in a family that owns Italian restaurants and includes numerous Chefs. Matt developed his website to introduce others to some of his favorite Italian restaurants around Hartford. Flying on Fridays: Matthew Rader created this website about recreational flying. The website contains information about how to get a pilot’s license and small planes. Matt also maintains a flying blog. Flying on Fridays
 MegJuicing Meg’s Juice Recipes: Megan Blaschke built the website to provide a quick and to-the-point guide to educate people on the benefits of juicing. You can find recipes that Megan recommends and also her tips for juicing. Hall David Marketing Strategies: Christina Davis created this website for her personal marketing consulting business. Christina also maintains a digital marketing blog.  HallDavisMarketing
 JHobbies J Hobbies: Jason Short built this website about his hobbies. In the Orchid section, Jason provides step-by-step instructions illustrated with pictures on how to grow, care for, and breed orchids. Quality Furniture by Bill: Whitney Ammary redesigned the website of her family business.  The website now sells wooden hand-painted accent tables featuring logos of colleges and universities, including UConn.  QualityFurniturebybill
 StBearDesign St. Bear Design: Adam Gooch designed this website to show his artwork and photography, with the hope that viewers will contact him to do design or photo work or go to his shop to buy a print. The American Outlaws Hartford: Shawn Simao designed an activities hub website for The American Outlaws Hartford Chapter which he co-founded in 2009, providing information on their social club, soccer team, and charitable giving.  


Marketing Awards

Michael Masso, recipient of the Fodor Family Scholarship with Mr. and Mrs. John Fodor.
Michael Masso, recipient of the Fodor Family Scholarship with Mr. and Mrs. John Fodor.

Scholarship Recipients

John Luke Bogue Michael Masso, recipients of the Fodor Family Scholarship. Generously given by John and Sally Fodor to provide financial support to varsity student-athletes pursuing a Minor or Certificate in Professional Sales.

Caitlin Taylor, recipient of the Lander Family Scholarship. Generously given by Mr. and Mrs. Steward Lander to a business student pursuing a Certificate in Professional Sales.

Joshua Lagan, recipient of the Louis J. Barle Memorial Scholarship. Generously given by Mr. Stephen Wood and Ms. Gail Barle to a business student with an excellent academic record and great potential for success.

Katherine Tibedo, recipient of the Jacob M. Duker Award. Generously given by the Duker family to a marketing student for scholarly achievement in the area of advertising and promotion.

Caitlin Taylor, recipient of the Lander Family Scholarship with Mr. and Mrs. Steward Lander
Caitlin Taylor, recipient of the Lander Family Scholarship with Mr. and Mrs. Steward Lander

Dayana Peykova, recipient of the Maynard F. Lydiard Jr. Marketing Scholarship. Generously given by Mrs. Barbara Lydiard to a business student with an excellent academic record and great potential for success.

Tina Kulangara, recipient of the Samuel L. Schrager Business Law Scholarship. Generously given by Attorney Samuel L. Schrager to a student with an excellent academic record and great potential for success as a business law professional.

Honors Scholars

Jaclyn Getonga

Nicole Green

Kimberly Halpin

Jaclyn Williams


Outstanding Marketing Scholars

Logan Bement

Erica Chrisis

Paige Gregory

Kimberly Halpin

Joshua Lagan

Benjamin Phillips

Ryan Probst

Morgan Schwenn

Kate Seserman

Stacia Smart

Melissa Smith

Victoria South

Tracey Tassinari

Aileen Tobin

Emily Vasington


Certificate in Professional Sales

Miles Anderson

Danielle Bachar

Robert Bunda

Nicole Crimmins

Nicole Elias

Daniel Feijoo

Mary Kelleher

Katherine Lemus

Brenda Nguyen

Brittani Phillips

Jonathan Sadlon

Junlong Sheng

Christopher Teri

Julia Zaslavsky


Marketing Society Officers

Lauren Samoska, President

Christain Pelliccio, Vice President

Zach Renihan, Chief Financial Officer

Phillip Guay, Secretary


Pi Sigma Epsilon Officers

Scott Margol, Co-President

Brittany Seyfried, Co-President

Rebecca Frutos, Co-Vice President of Administration

Hilary Sunderland, Co-Vice President of Administration

Erica Chrisis, Vice President of Charity

Gabriella Lilienthal, Vice President of Human Resources

Julia Zaslavsky, Vice President of Marketing

Anthony Infurchia, Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Halligan, Event Coordinator

Shannon Murphy, Project Manager


Northeast Collegiate Sales Competition

Jonathan Sadlon and Julia Zaslavsky


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Program for Sales Leadership Update

The Program for Sales Leadership (PSL) under the direction of William Ryan and Mary Caravella, grew significantly this year, with total enrollment up 24% over the prior year. Enrollments have been climbing as more students become aware of PSL and the career opportunities. Our PSL partners continue to play a key role providing experiential learning support in-and-outside the classroom through sales role plays, an executive speaker series, internships, field visits, and networking sessions. In 2014, we welcomed CDW, a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare, as a new partner. They join ADP, Altria, AT&T, EBP Supply Solutions, Enterprise, Liberty Mutual, Northwestern Mutual and Tom James.

We are looking forward to another exciting year for our PSL students. Students will compete at the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition at Bryant University and the National Collegiate Sales Competition in Atlanta, GA. These competitions provide our students the opportunity to use their selling, communication, and interpersonal skills in a competitive setting; meet students with similar interests; and engage with corporate partners that support professional sales.

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Marketing Seniors Have Spotlight Roles at School of Business Commencement

School of Business Dean John Elliott and Brittani Phillips ’14
School of Business Dean John Elliott and Brittani Phillips ’14

The Marketing Department is especially proud of two graduating Marketing majors who featured prominently at the School of Business commencement this year! Brittani Phillips ’14, selected to sing the National Anthem, and Joshua Lagan ’14, chosen to deliver the Student Commencement Address, were front and center on Sunday, May 11, at Gampel Pavilion. Brittani Phillips, with years of opera singing training to her credit, performed a moving a cappella version of the National Anthem. Brittani told only her sister that she was performing at graduation, giving her parents and grandparents a wonderfully moving surprise, fitting for the Mother’s Day ceremony.

Joshua Lagan ’14 and Instructor in-Residence William Ryan
Joshua Lagan ’14 and Instructor in-Residence William Ryan

Brittani, who completed a Certificate in Professional Selling, has taken a sales position with ADP in Windsor, Connecticut. ADP is is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. Joshua Lagan, chosen from a very competitive pool of applicants, delivered the student commencement address. Joshua reflected on the encouragement and support that he and others received at UConn from faculty, staff and advisors, preparing them for life after graduation. Joshua began working for IBM after graduation as an Associate Consultant in the Enterprise Marketing Performance Division in Manhattan.

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Marketing Students Analyze UConn Foundation Database

amr-studentsProfessor Hongju Liu’s Advanced Marketing Research students worked with Karen LaMalva, director of annual giving at the UConn Foundation, to understand more about donors and their profiles. Using SQL programming and SAS software, the students analyzed the Foundation’s large database to learn more about the timing and nuances of giving practices. The Foundation is hoping to incorporate recommendations from this project into their future outreach strategy. Karen offered praise for the students’ efforts, “I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with an undergraduate class on this project. They did a great job and seemed genuinely excited about their discoveries. I was very impressed with the professional nature of their final presentation.” Brittney Seyfried ’14, a student who worked on the project, said, “I was always interested in the research aspect of marketing. Professor Liu helped me understand SAS and SQL to effectively analyze large data sets. I am very thankful for how personalized the class was and for the skills I have gained, as they will greatly assist me in the full-time job I am starting.” This course and other analytics courses provide students with hands-on market research and analytical skills, as well as the opportunity to develop strategic thinking about how to use data to make sound marketing recommendations.

Pictured: Top row from left to right: Karen LaMalva, Director of Annual Giving at UConn Foundation; Daniel Buzzell, Graduate Assistant at UConn Department of Athletics; Christine Buckley, Communications Director, CLAS; Hongju Liu, Assistant Professor, Marketing; Nian Wang, Ph.D. Student, Marketing; bottom row: students Dayana Peykova, Mary Cooper, Marc Castonguay, and Brittney Seyfried.

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Digital Marketing & Analytics

media-lightbulbThe Marketing Department has taught digital marketing for almost ten years. Now, with three new hires with expertise in digital marketing (Professors Jane Gu, David Norton, and Hee Mok Park) and growing employment opportunities, we are very excited to offer a Digital Marketing & Analytics Major for business students at the Stamford campus, a Digital Marketing & Analytics Certificate for business majors in Storrs, and a Digital Marketing & Analytics Minor for non-business majors at all UConn campuses. Beginning in Fall 2014, students will be able to enroll in the required courses for these programs, including “Digital Marketing,” “Integrated Marketing in the Digital Age,” and “Marketing and Digital Analytics.”

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